Thargomindah Herald Printers (The Old Printery) Thargomindah Herald Printers (The Old Printery)

The Thargomindah Herald Printers building  was constructed of locally produced unfired mud brick in 1870 and constructed by Patrick and John Leahy. The first Thargomindah Herald was published in 1884 and was widely circulated in the area. In 1884 John Leahy became partner in the Thargomindah Herald, which had been established by Patrick. It was printed by P.J. Leahy for the Thargomindah Newspaper Company Limited, whom it was understood were P.J. Leahy and Rueban Weber, in premises situated in Sams Street, Thargomindah. It was finally edited by Mr J. Tindall, who had two very young helpers, Roy and Arthur Smith. The Coopers Creek Advertiser was also printed in this building. In later years the Old Printery was used as a private residence by a succession of families.

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